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Getting AS9100 Certified in San Antonio, Texas (TX)

Being a manufacturer or production company in the aerospace industry entails and involves many standards you will have to implement and follow. In general, companies have to worry about the formal regulations and ISOs they have to meet in order to continue operating and avoid any penalty they can suffer. Which usually involves paying a fine or closing the company forever—in the worst case.

For aerospace companies, it is more about being able to satisfy and meet certain expectations from their clients and customers when it comes to parts and components. Sometimes services as well. Aerospace products or items don’t enter the category of low-quality ones when a company decides to focus on its production.

After all, the consequences of having a part or component that doesn’t meet the expectations and established requirements can be unaffordable for any company in charge of fabricating the final product with them. Therefore, do you know what you need to do if your company is aiming for aerospace parts, components, and services?


Make sure you implement the standards that allow you to establish, maintain, and improve your quality management system, and with this, ensure that every client will receive what it needs. AS9100 is a standard that comes from ISO 9001, which is a general normative that establishes all the quality requirements. However, AS9100 only focuses on the aerospace industry and addresses all the problems in companies from it that are having problems in producing high-quality components or parts.

You could say it is a quality standard for your aerospace company only that will help you to meet requirements that are going to boost the production of your company and with this, the quality of the products and services. Aerospace companies not only implement this ISO for the benefit but rather because it is also a mandatory one. After all, it helps clients, customers, and other companies to know if you are capable of fabricating what they expect or need. Or if your services won’t disappoint after they decide to hire or employ you.

One thing we always remember people is that they shouldn’t forget to get certified once they have met all the requirements in the document and if they want to gain the recognition this brings them. We at ISO Pros worry about all the steps and processes that involve each standard, which is why you can find support, consulting, implementation, and certification services.  We can help you to implement the standard or train you to make sure you are able to handle it on your own without issues.

Our company provides services for aerospace companies around Texas, no matter if you are located in San Antonio or any other city. Just contact us via phone, email, or by filling the contact form on our website. Our experts and auditors will answer your questions, clear doubts, and finally, provide the service you need and request. Keep in mind that our main offices are in San Antonio, but the rest of the facilities around Texas also have well-qualified and amazing auditors and professionals.

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