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San Antonio,TX-ISO 9001 San Antonio TX-ISO PROS #33

When a company is unable to implement standards or ISOs, it has to consider the option of sacrificing other elements and areas to be able to do it. ISO standards are crucial for companies to operate since many of them are mandatory in the industry they perform their operations and services. Others are optional and can be implemented only if you need or want them. Now, implementing them isn’t as simple as it sounds since you have to meet every requirement established in the document.

We at ISO Pros are a validated and qualified company in the industry that has been providing standard services for quite some time, and those include implementing the ISO for you and assisting in every step.  We started offering very specific and only a few standards since it is not too simple to provide several ones at once. However, the more we grew, the more we added to our list and nowadays, we are one of the few companies in Texas with over 30 ISOs available.

The best part about having us as your reliable company to implement any of the ISOs available is that we have earned recognition and respect over the years. This means you will obtain extra benefits with our company since it will bring many others that aren’t possible when you decide to reach out to another organization in this field. That being said, do you have an idea of the standards you need?

Several ISOs are not only mandatory but also necessary for companies from all industries, which means you have to implement them even when you aren’t part of a specific industry. However, other standards are mandatory but can and need to be implemented for companies from the industry it specifies in the document. For example, one of the ISOs our clients requests the most is ISO 13485.

It focuses on the Occupational Health and Safety Management System of any company and it sets standards and parameters to implement the measures to guarantee your workers’ and visitors’ safety. This standard is needed in every company you might own or exist in the world. Indeed, some parameters or requirements don’t apply for some companies due to the industry they are part of. But the ISO sets all the requirements in specific that are general and necessary for any business.

But since it only aims for these parts, you only have to implement it if you are an aerospace company yourself. When you start researching about these ISOs you will discover that both of them come from other ones or are—at least—based on the principles older standards have established.

AS9100 is one of them since some requirements and parameters are based on ISO 9001, which is the main quality standard that is implemented in all companies. Knowing this, you might be thinking about all the work ahead of you and wondering how you are going to deal with everything. Having our help in all the tasks of implementing the standard will save you a lot of time and effort, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits without further problems.

You can access our services in any city in Texas. And we assure you there is no better company for it since we are qualified, experienced, and reliable in every single aspect that involves this field.

Now, this is a general and global ISO you need to get certified in, but what about optional ones? AS9100 is a great example of it because it is a quality standard that aims for the improvement in aerospace parts and components when it comes to producing high-quality ones.

Besides the previous ones, what other ISOs do we have?

ISO 9001 is one we mentioned briefly, so it is only natural to give you a better explanation to start answering the question. This standard works and aims for the Quality Management System of your company, and this means it sets several parameters to guarantee you fabricate and produce high-quality items and products. Now, it can also be implemented in companies that are focused on offering services instead of manufacturing items. It isn’t the same for both situations or cases, but you can find what you are looking for to achieve the goal of offering high-quality products and services in the document without problems.

The ISO is the main one in the quality family, which is why you will discover and read about others that are based on it, just like AS9100. But the standards that came and were developed from it are only aiming for a specific industry. From here on, we have a large list of ISO standards for you, which is why we will take the time to mention the main ones to get you started:

ISO 45001: this standard sets the requirements and measures for the safety and health of the workers and employees in a company. Those that implement it guarantee safety during working hours and also, that no one will be exposed to certain risks and diseases. Most companies worry about their operations and process but usually forget about how important is to ensure your workers aren’t only in an enjoyable environment but also safe and healthy.

The ISO can be implemented for companies of all industries and it is actually a formal regulation and requirement in several ones. All companies and jobs have their risks, which is why your company is included in the ones that need to implement it.

ISO 14001: instead of being a standard that allows companies to improve their performance or operations, this one aims for doing the right thing: protecting the environment. 140001 is an ISO that only focuses on setting parameters and requirements to guarantee the protection of the planet and show that the company that gets certified is compromised and responsible for doing it.

If you want to implement a standard that only brings benefits for your company, consider this belief. Besides, ISO 14001 can bring some benefits to your company that isn’t related to the environment or main goal in the document. For example, having a better influx of clients since more of them are starting to rely on ecologic companies.

IATF 16949: this standard focuses on the production cycle of automotive companies. The goal of it is quite similar to AS9100 and ISO 9001 since it aims for improving the quality of the products and components fabricated. However, instead of putting efforts into the quality system directly, it is more effective in the automotive industry to reduce and eliminate waste in the production cycle.

This allows companies to have a cleaner process that leads to manufacturing high-quality parts and components. Another focus of the standard is to also aim for the reduction in failures. This is a lot of work since not all companies are familiar with this methodology. But we assure you it is worth and even necessary to implement it if you are an automotive company.

ISOs with maturity methods

Sometimes, the problem with being able to achieve results while implementing ISOs is that it is complicated and difficult to address several issues and problems at the same time. At least, it is when you don’t know how to approach them correctly nor divide them into priorities. This is why the standards that have maturity systems as the main way to implement them are starting to be more relevant and popular among companies. For example, one of the standards we have available is CMMI, which stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration.

The standard only aims for improvement in different areas of the company but all of them at the same time. In simpler words, it doesn’t focus on one area and then moves to another one. The standard aims in focusing all the efforts and resources on several improvements at once. This is possible since it has 5 levels in total, and the first one is related to the basic problems and issues in any company, such as being able to conduct processes but not to adjust to the budget.

From there on, the levels address different areas and improvements according to the maturity of the company. And this can be implemented in any business without worrying about the industry it is part of. Another recent standard we have with a very similar method is CMMC. Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is the newest ISO in the United States that aims for security in companies and organizations. But only in those working around or related to the Department of Defense.

The main people who implement it are defense contractors that need to have a high level of cybersecurity to deal with unclassified and classified information. The standard works with different levels as well—5 in total again—and although it is for defense contractors, you can find a way to integrate it to your company if you are in need of implementing new measures for this area. But continuing with the main topic, CMMC sets all the requirements and measures to guarantee the information and data of the company and its clients won’t be leaked or accessed for anyone that isn’t authorized.

And this is crucial when you have businesses with the DoD. Now, implementing it might not be that simple since it is a new standard not many people are familiar with. Actually, reaching the final level is almost impossible and companies only go for the first 4 levels. At ISO Pros, we are qualified to implement any of the previous ones but mostly, CMMC.

After all, we started to study and analyze since its release in January 2020 and this allowed our experts to conduct the implementation processes without any mistakes. You can count on us with this and any other ISO you require. We still have a large variety available and you can have a look at most of them in another section of our website. Also, keep in mind that although our main office is located in San Antonio, you can rely on us in any city or place in Texas.

We have several experts and auditors distributed to ensure we help companies from all industries and around the state so they don’t have to struggle to try to find a reliable and validated company like us.

Just make sure to contact us and let our experts know your ISO needs. For this, our phone numbers and contact form are available. We will provide consulting and advice if necessary or if you want it, and even help you to implement the standard if you are having a hard time with it.

Just say the words and you can access our services in the blink of an eye. We do provide certifications, but our main goal is to help you with everything that involves the implementation.

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